New Series on Our YouTube Channel!

As we all continue to be in some phase of lock-down, we’re working harder than ever to bring you digital content. We have continued our #MedievalMonday series, which is now coming out on a fortnightly basis, and on the off weeks we’ve started bringing out a series of Spooky Tours, which cover the paranormal happenings and experiences that we know of in the castle!

In addition to this, we are now halfway through our history series, covering all incarnations of the castle, and all of the important events of Scottish history! We’ve also released a piece on costumes, we’re working on a piece of Queen Euphemia, and once we’re back on site we’ll be doing walk-throughs and ‘Meet the Team’.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up with all of our new content, and consider making a small donation – just the price of a cup of coffee, £3.50, to our education fund so that we can continue to bring this content to you while our site is closed!

We’re also continuing to host FREE events via Zoom every Friday at 2pm. Each of these events includes a short lesson on a subject related to medieval history or castle life, accompanied by a hands-on activity using common household items!

  • Crown Making 22nd May
  • Boat Making 29th May
  • Virtual Sundial-Making 5th June
  • Mason’s Marks Making 12th June
  • Medieval Technology (torch making) 19th June
  • Medieval Games 26th June

For more information, see our website or Facebook page, and to sign up for any of these events, email Blythe at

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