Meet the Team

Our fantastic team is made up of both staff and volunteers and has a wide range of knowledge and experience. Read on to learn more about a few of the core members of our team and the roles they play in our education program!

Lady June, Sir David, and Lady Blythe on Red Nose Day 2019

Sir David: Sir David, sometimes known as Dave the English prisoner, or Erik the Viking, is the most experienced member of our education team. Dave has been with the team from the beginning, and has a passion for military history! Depending on the day, Dave can be found showing children the armour and weapons, telling children about his life as a prisoner in the Wars of Independence, or showing off the castle and teaching children to joust as our castle constable!

Lady Blythe: Lady Blythe has been with the team for just over two years, and is most often remembered by the children for her bright pink hair. Lady Blythe (or just Blythe, depending on the day), has a special passion for medieval fortifications and the Wars of Independence. Depending on the day, Blythe can be found working as the castle apothecary, showing people around as lady Euphemia’s Lady-in Waiting, or introducing children to the many roles and jobs which needed done around the medieval castle.

Lady June: Lady June, another seasoned member of our team, has lived locally for many years and has passions for local history and heraldry! Lady June can most often be found dressed as a high-born lady, assisting Sir David with the armour and jousting, and teaching children about heraldry and shield-making, though she also loves to show children around the castle, and put on armour and weaponry displays.

Lady Gwen: Lady Gwen, also known as Gunhilde, joined us in the Spring of 2019, and since then has become an indispensable member of the team. Gwen is passionate about art, medicines and the Jacobites. Lady Gwen can often be found behind the apothecary table and showing children around the castle.

Lady Gwen speaking on the Jacobites in October 2019

Lady Sheena: Lady Sheena is a wonderful new addition to our team with a passion for local history! Lady Sheena is most seen as a resplendent high-born lady showing visiting children around the castle.

Lady Megan: Lady Megan is another new member to our team, with a special affinity for potions! Lady Megan has a passion for archery and jousting, and can most often be found behind the apothecary’s table, or instructing in the creation of shields.